Saturday, September 21, 2013

Remembering Boracay

I am happy today because my Vacation Leave got approved and I am going to Boracay next month. What's more exciting is, I will be with my crazy friends Douey Joy and Vanessa Rhea!!! It's going to be a blast, I'm sure. Oh gosh.. OH GOSH!!!!!

Anyway, I was the there April of 2010 with my other girlfriends and I had a blast as well and so today I'm going to share with guys our pics.

To my friends from other countries, I'm sure you've heard of this paradise. You NEED to be here if you visit my country. You NEED to experience Bora..


*you guys might not recognize me - i was thin then! hahaha!*

my younger brother Kab went with my and my girlfriends

I met VJ Alvey of Channel V! HE.IS.HOT!!!

the sunset is breath-taking..

you guys have to try Fly Fish!!!

something to show my future grandkids.. what's wrong with my skin in here???

Boracay is like a city in an island. This is Station 2. If you want pure silence, go to Station 1.

these crazy women made our vacay super fun!!!

Caramel Mac on the beach - perfecto!

a stroll..

powdery white sand..

and of course we went island hopping!

this is the day i discovered that I am actually scared of deep-diving..

yeah, i know how to open a bottle using a spoon. I grew up with 3 brothers and male cousins!

tequila shots!

one of our brekkies..

if only this is a clear shot.. :(

this is right after our all-you-can-eat dinner.. and lookie, my brother and I both wore pink! hahaha

massage on the shore - i didn't like it. the sand's all over my body, it's rough..

and i met this hunk of a dude! he's from the dance group Philippine All-Stars

and this was on our way home.. we were sad..
Exactly a month from now, I will be back there. I am beyond excited. I can't wait!
Godspeed! xxx

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