Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Something Calm.. ♥♥♥

Hello guys! You know how we always talk about the person who makes us laugh/smile/giddy/giggly - and everything else that would somehow transpire to that silly look on our faces? That person who brings butterflies in our tummies? I'm just thinking, how about that person who makes us feel relaxed, and calm, and just our plain old selves - no hassle, no fuss? Doesn't he/she deserve to be talked about too??? I'm just saying.. ♥♥♥

*not my photo*
Have a good one! xxx


  1. i wish you'll find someone who will see you for who you really are because you are a beautiful person inside out
    that person would be very lucky

    1. Well if u must know, i think i already found that someone! :)