Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Recap..Sorta.. Hehe..

describe 2009
i travelled a lot.. i also did a lot of thinking specifically about having or not having a boyfriend - i chose the latter, i wasn't ready..EW!

happiest moment
ato lang 12-day Christmas Vacation nako - i was with my whole family! plus i hung-out with my cousins, ate a lot, attended highschool reunion..haaayyy.. there's no place like home.. i miss my family..

saddest moment:
someone i really like didn't reply to my email that day i expected him to.. hahaha! nanglood ko.. yuck!

most memorable person:
Marie Deltan Galeos - she's my idol now!

still believe that:
with God, nothing is impossible

loving the "love of my life"

fave place to chill:
still, my castle.. and Hayahay.. Outpost pod.. Gauie's house.. dympna and tom's room

frequent companion:
nimpa band - gaui, dympna, marie, tom, era.. of course, c grasya..ditto band - members are crazy! hahaha!

best Month:
November - i was soooooooo busy! i didn't have time to pluck my eyebrows!

Best Movie:
SHORTS - i laughed like crazy at the movie house!

Worst Movie:
can't think of any

Best TV program:

Worst TV program:

best book:
Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman in the World --- it's my younger brother's..

Newest Idol/s:
Thiago Alves, Demian Maia, George St-Pierre

Best Purchase:
Plane tickets for my birthday vacay!

Worst Purchase:
NIZE Pizza sa Dapitan Glorietta - y lami, promise! hehe.. ang supreme..

Best Place you have been:
San Juanico Bridge - the view's breath-taking..

Worst Place:
Cebu ghapon.. hehe.. im not gonna stay here for long..

Best Decision you Made:
staying single and being a little more friendly.. hahaha!

greatest frustration:
wla nadayon amng Kanlaon ug Vigan trip

Worst Decision:
joining THE BOP!

greatest gift:

hardest decision: to plane or not to plane! haha! i had my very first plane ride last year and kaulion jd ko gikan sa airport! hahaha! i was alone and i was scared!

song of the year:
Running Man by HANSON -- featuring Zac on vocals the

best 5 pesos:
LOLLIPOP na musiga - hehe..

best 3 hours:
new year's eve - singing til the wee hours of the morning with my brothers and cousins! hahaha! nagkaputol2 na ang kwerdas sa gitara, kanta lang ghapon.. hehe

bands I saw for the first time: DITTO band (on video) - we rock! hahahaha!

best day in make up: T Odette's birthday party make-up - nice ang red lipstick with my gold top

what I learn about myself:
I AM BRAVE.. im not a wimp!

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