Tuesday, January 19, 2010


    Last Satuday night, I (with dympna and tom) was at OUTPOST and it sucked.. hehe.. im a huge MUSIC/BAND fan.. im a musician myself.. umm..i don't know.. everything's just off.. even the host was irritating.. sorry! she gave us a LEAP YEAR trivia! she said something like "did you know that the reason why there's feb 29th is it's LEAP YEAR and it has 366 days?" and we're like, "ah, yeah?!".. hehe..
    And the bands? well, I do admire bands who write their own songs and who're gutsy enough to sing them (i salute them, in fact)..  but when theirs isn't your type of music, and you're stuck with listening to it for at least 3 hours, i swear, it's hell.. waaaahhhh.. one band though, i like.. anyone knows AGGRESSIVE AUDIO? perhaps im the only one who doesn't because people sang with them.. they're fun, candid, and cool! im officially a fan!
    Sorry but for me, it's a total waste of money, and most of all, time.. i should've just stayed at home and watched UFC replays.. went home late, coz we we sang our hearts out at BEATBOX.. i noticed that my voice's pitchy but kebs..i love that miley cyrus song - PARTY IN THE USA..  Ü

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