Saturday, January 16, 2010

URCC "Deliverance" Delivered!

Oh! no words can even describe it.. I HAD A GREAT (1 zillion times) time! It's my first, and to be honest, i feared that i might not like it "live" but, gosh! LINGAAAAAAAWWWWWW kaayo! i wished that id see things i saw on UFC like submissions, chokes, knockdowns/outs, blood, athletes talking on cam after the fight, ground and pound, and everything else - and, WISH GRANTED!
No, im not a violent person and i don't see the sport violent at all.. as what i've always said, it's the sport for the brainy and tough ones and i salute all the fighters - they're heroes for me.. and i hate all those people who complain a lot.. i mean, common guys, the fighters NEED to THINK! so yeah, last night, i was this (.) close to punching those people and knocking them out! hahaha!
So anyway, i thought that it'd be like PBA vs NBA - i love PBA but let's face it, NBA's way more fast-paced.. but URCC and UFC (and IFL, and others) are of the same level.. it's pure action.. I JUST LOOOOVE THIS SPORT OR ART!
Thanks to Mary Rose Rosal for joining me last night! She's a big boxing fan (a Pacquiao loyalist) but now loves MMA too because of my kakulitan! hehe.. to literally put icing on the cake, well, we had cake after and went home at around 4:30 am!  
I finally saw Alvin Aguilar in person and nag-pa-picture jd ko! weeeeee! i will post pics soon!

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