Friday, January 15, 2010


Her phone beeps.

"Hi! How're you?" It was from her ex-boyfriend. "I'm in
town. I hope you can read my message. I just want you to know that I really
wanna see you. I asked our friends for your # and although you won't answer
my calls, im hoping that you'll, at least, read this. I will be at the mall
this afternoon. I really hope to see you there."
The girl thought for a second to whether or not go and see her former lover.
She's afraid that the feeling might come back once she'll see him again.
The phone beeps again, "Girl, I really wanna c u. Please come. I will be
waiting. Please."
She got up, took a bath, fixed herself, and went to the mall.. Half of her wants to see him, half of her doesn't.

She saw a guy, wearing a white shirt and denim shorts.. 
She went near him.

       "Hey!" she said
       He looked up and said, "Glad that you're here! Thanks for coming."
       "Yup! Here I am.. so how're you? How's life?" she asked.
Him: "I feel so much better now, you?"
Her: "im ok, though still tired from all the parties i went to over the
weekend.. still happy! Bald?"
Him: "O. I shaved when you broke up with me. hehe"
Her: "Here we go again.. Suits you though..You look like Lucky
Him: "Hahaha!
Him: "oh, wait.."
       The Boy got up and went to the counter. She looked at him..
This guy was there for her always. She realized she missed all their
conversation and fun times together.

Him: "Here goes your fave food."
Her: "Thanks. mmm.. I'm not really hungry but thanks anyway..When are
you planning to leave?"
Him: "Today.. but i'll stay if you want me to...."
               She laughed.
Him: "I'm serious, don't laugh at me, please.."
Her: "Boy, you know, I really want to but I can't.. It's not right.. Now,
we're finally talking about 'us'...."
Him: "YOu want to but you can't? Why?"
Her: "I told you it's not right.
Him: "May I know something?"
Her: "What?"
Him: "What happened? I mean, to 'us'?"
Her: "I dunno..Maybe, it's just not meant to be."
Him: "It'll be that way if we want to. We could go on, you know...Sorry..I
mean, what we have is so special for me, at least, i dunno if it's as
special for you though. When we
were 'us' everything's fine and I really couldn't figure out the reason why
we broke up. It's bugging me, you know. I mean, where did we go wrong?
What did I do?"
Her: "What we had is very special and it will always be, for me. My reason
why I decided to end everything is because I was always thinking of you
being with another      girl and it really hurts. I felt so insecure and it
seemed like i don't trust that we'll last. I was always so doubtful and I
hated that feeling..Really hated it.. I know      you'll think that Im so
selfish and that Im only thinking of myself but that's really how I felt
that time and it's affecting my relationships with my family and        my
friends and my work. As much as possible I want everything to be smooth and
when we were together it seemed like I was always preoccupied with the
thought of you being with another girl. I'm so sorry..And when I told you
about it, you sounded like you favored the idea.."
Him: "I didn't!" 
Her: "Let me finish, ok? So there.. I was hurt you know.. Exactly the reason
why I changed my number and didn't check my email for a long time.. Hey!
Let's not talk  about sad things.. We're still friends and it's the most
important thing..

Him: "You selfish beauty! Hehe.. Can I be honest?"
Her: "There is nothing more important in this conversation than honesty.. "
Him: "Yeah.. You know, Im really happy that you're here.. It's what i've
been hoping and praying for. I didn't 'favor' the idea. I was so
disappointed that time, see my  head..I sent you maybe a million messages, I don't know if you received them.. Sometimes i don't know what to say
anymore I just sent you blank messages. I       emailed you nonstop,
everyday. I begged all your friends for your number. I couldn't think of any
reason why you decided to end everything. I couldn't    remember any mistake
i made. Now, I know that what i've shown you isn't enough and it's more
disappointing. There are girls, alright but you know it's always        been
you, or so I thought you knew. I'm so sorry if I've cause you pain or if I
made everything difficult for you. I swear i didn't mean to..
Him: "Hey, what's wrong?"
Her: "Nothing. umm There's nothing wrong with you, you know and what you did
is enough. I'm just so paranoid and insecure and I don't wanna feel that
feeling         anymore. It's too much for me. I mean, I have to think of a
lot of things and i have to think about you.. I hope you understand..
Him: "Whew! Ummm.. I guess we've made everything clear here.. So.. ok. Ummm,
you have someone new?"
Her: "Haha! Shut up!"
Him: "No.. Answer me.. U seeing someone?"
Her: "No, I'm not.. I'm still loving someone, you know....."

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