Monday, September 24, 2012


Yesterday was the 11th monthsary of my father's murder and I was with my future sister-in-law's family on their Cebu South trip!  It was crazy! They were crazy! Actually I knew them already. They're friends with my family eversince the world began. Ha-ha! During the whole roadtrip, we just talked about my Father. We miss him so much. Anyway, here are few of our pics:
 Isla and I at the Whale Shark site. I was letting her immitate a facial expression and she didn't care! Ha-ha!
 At the Aguinid Falls - "three-storey" falls. Am i this fat now???? Oh, well. It was super nice. I don't like falls that much but this is different. Truly a gift of nature. Of course, our day there didn't end without me injured - I tripped, which is pretty much what I do all my life. I AM THAT CLUMSY.
 The boatmen were nice enough to let Isla try their boat paddle - all it took was her showing them her "monkey face". My niece is such a trooper!
 Whose little feet are those? Ü.. My niece on her first 'footspa" experience!

We stayed at Noblesse Resort. This time, it was only me and my younger brothers Kab and Mac2, my cousin Titi, my future sister-in-law Che2, and our star, Isla. The staff's nice but they don't have food and beverage. Yeah. My brother and cousin had to go somewhere to buy food and beer. We stayed up late by the beach talking about life. It was nice. I love my family. They're truly the best. I'm one lucky girl.
 My younger brothers Kab and Mac2, and our cousin Titi.

The pool. It wasn't that big but it's clean. And the view's nice.
 Family Room - Php 3,500. One Queen , 3 single-size bed
 The Garden - I had fun showing Isla the plants.
Seaside View. This was where we were last night. It was cloudy so there wasn't a single star.

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