Monday, September 17, 2012


So it was payday last week and I swore I'd do some shopping. It's been a while..errrr, a month I think. So here are my new stuff:

 I can't believe I just found my very first Maxi dress at a kid's store! The green/orange polka dot maxi is just perfect, especially the length! I'm gonna have to buy a skintone or metal belt and a slip-on (glads or hobo type) to complete the outfit. I got it from Blush.
The black/white dress is made of jersey fabric. It's hemline is uneven and I like the yellow botton detail. I also got it from Blush.
Blush has just become one of my top brands!
The booties I got from Parisian at 50% discount for Php900. I wouldn't buy it if it wasn't on sale.
 The above dress-and-shoe combo is for my love, my niece Isla! I'm tired of seeing babygirls in pink that's why I chose this Blue/Red/White combo. The shoes is probably too big for her but it's ok coz it'll fit her when she learns to walk. The dress is from Baby Me and the shoes are from Sugar Kids. I bought these for less than Php1000!

Hurray Payday! xxx

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