Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm going to talk about love because I AM IN LOVE - with my pretty, witty, and crazy 10-month old niece Isla Isabelle!

She is such a doll! It's amazing how she makes me happy, especially when she laughs. I want to protect her from people (especially guys) who will hurt her in the future! THAT thought made me cry. I didn't even like kids before. I mean, they're cute and all but I'm not fond of them. haaayyy.. I wish she'll stay but she won't. I'd be very sad when she leaves. waaaahhhh! She's the most awsome kid ever!

So, LOVE.. I realize it's the same, regardless of who you're in love with - friends, lover, family. You're sad when he/she is sad, happy when he/she is. You want to protect him/her. You don't want to hurt her/him but when you do, you also do everything to erase the pain, even if the whole process hurts you like hell. You want that person to stay, but if going away will be good for her/him, you're willing to let him/her go..

Now, i'm sad..

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