Monday, October 1, 2012

Fooding (Desserts and Pizza)

Hello Monday!

So, the plan was to start dieting today but I have to hold it off because my niece, Isla Isabelle, is going back to the US, I will probably just stuff my face with food just to go through today, and tomorrow too.

I have been fooding for a month and a few days. I can't help it! I'm living at my brother's apartment where rice is snack and coke is water! Promise! This weekend though is different because it was dessert feast, and i've tried stuff for the first time. Here they are:

 Leche Flan Cake from Red Ribbon. It was raining so hard and I was really craving for cake so I was soaking wet when we (cousin and I) get there. I didn't expect it to be delicious to be honest. The roll is filled with leche flan. It's sweet and creamy. Php 280 - Whole Roll

I went to IT Park with Cheche (future sister-in-law, mother of Isla), my cousin Titi, and of course, Isla. My brother Kab had to work and we went there with him. We just rode a taxi home. We had desserts at La Marea (The Walk). My cousin and I had Warm Brownie Cups (white choco and classic choco), Cheche had Brazo de Mercedes (which has a really odd form, with flambeed cream on top), Isla had Banana Cake (which was warmed). As expected, everything's delicious. I mean, I've been there a few times. Their cakes cost about Php 100-150. Cheche had me try Mochi, she bought one each of all flavors - 6 of them. My favest is choco. They each cost Php 60. It's ice cream inside palitaw. A piece is probably enough for a normal person but for me, 3 are. Hehe..BTW, Chamomile Tea really goes well with cakes. It's better than coffee - thanks Che for the recommendation!

Another of Cheche's recommendation. French Macaroons from Vanille. I bought 4 pcs. Flavors were recommended by the waitress; choco, vanilla, cookies n cream, hazelnut. It's way different from our macaroons here. I love it but I think it's expensive at Php40 for an inch of sweet something. Still you guys should try it.

Anxiety leads to pizza delivery. Ha-ha! I don't know if Cheche's really hungry or she's just anxious because she and Isla will leave for the US tomorrow. Im pretty sure it's the latter. Ü..  It arrived an hour after we called, which was ok because the phone operator told us that they had a lot of delivery that night. Monalisa and Da Vinci's Masterpiece - 12' cost Php 200+ (our bill was 400+).
Now, I'm eating the leftover. It's cold and I love it. Yes, I love cold pizza and I know most of you find that weird.

Anyway, hours more to go. At 4pm, we'll all go to the airport. Isla and Cheche will leave us. I will miss both of them. I can feel a tear about to fall so I'll stop writing now.

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