Saturday, October 20, 2012

What I Wore Last Week

Here are my outfits for this week (description below pic):

Tee - from Reina (singapore), Baggy Shorts - Flea Market, Necklace - thirft store, Boots - Aldo.. link to WIWT:

Top - Flea Market, Harem Pants - Vesper, Shoes - Janilyn, Bowtie - Department Store (men's), Bag - SM Accessories

Top - thirft store, Jeans - Reborn, Footwear - Syrup (distributed by People R People), Bag - SM Accessories

Dress - Flea Market, Footwear - Havaianas, Pear Earrings - Avon

Top - People R People (my brother's), Jeans - Levis, Footwear - Havaianas, Bag - From Reina (Singapore).. link to WIWT:


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