Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Top Fashionistas

Theirs are the products I lust. Their style is what I admire. Here are my top fashionistas:

Carrie Bradshaw - Who hasn't seen Sex and the City yet? SHE IS FASHION.I can't even categorize her style as preppy, futuristic, quirky, girly, rocker chic,sophisticated, sexy, hippie, etc. because she can be all that! And for me, that's how Fashion (and Music) should be. It should be both fun and limitless . I can't imagine her stuck in a fashion rut. It's like, you'll never know what her next outfit would be. If she has a fashion blog, I would definitely be the first to subscribe.
So, us mortals can't really wear what she's wearing below, can we? What Ms. Bradshaw should teach us though is to not be afraid to try something new (I even try sexy dressing once in a while), be confident, and just have fun with it!

Gwen Stefani - The queen of Rocker Chic dressing - and flat abs, and red lips. She is oozing with coolness. I don't know how she does it but she makes cargo pants with a corset top look perfect. No one else could pull that off. She mixes and matches everything, with her signature red lips.
I'd like to think that I am a dare-dresser myself but of course I am not as daring as Queen Gwen - not even close. And to be honest, the reason is because I can't pull-off a "daring" look most of the time. If I could, I really would. Then you'd see me with spoons and forks on my clothes, stones and pebbles on my hair, that'd be funny. Ha-ha!
So from Gwen, instead of drastically daring to dress-up, why not start with wearing red lipstick instead? If you don't know what suits you then CosmoGirl has the answer, just click on this link:

 Victoria Beckham - Clean, Sophisticated, and Classy. Well, first of all, I don't agree on her No-Smiling rule at all. Second, she's too thin. Third, the woman can't sing, and she admitted it herself. But man can she dress! "Impeccable" is , I think, the perfect word to describe the way she dresses. Sexy in a very subtle way. Simple (and I don't mean this by brand) yet unforgettable. One not-so-good thing about the way she dresses is that it's predictable. She wears the same outfit pattern almost all the time (see pics below).
VB's fashion is I think the easiest to pull-off (but definitely not the cheapest to buy). The formula is just Classic Clothing + Chunky Earring/Watch/Neckpiece + High Heels (loubies preferrably) + Classic Bag (Birkin preferrably).

 Jennifer Lopez - Sexy, Luxurious, and Fly - although there's really nothing for her to work much on because she is already very sexy, which is one of many proofs that life, indeed, is unfair. I'd kill for her body and skin! The woman looks expensive (unfortunately, not when she was still starting). Sometimes, she wears the chunkiest and ginormous earrings and neckpieces together in an outfit and they all look just right. She is so effortlessly fly. To be honest, I sometimes watch American idol justto see her.
I've read somewhere that looking a little dirty makes you look sexy. I disagree.There's a thin line between sexy and sleazy and for me,the only way to avoid the latter is by looking neat, fresh, and clean.
Lady Gaga - A for effort. A for sacrifice. A for creativity. A for balance (try wearing 10-inch heels). A for consistency.

Runners-up would be:
Emma Roberts, Michelle Williams, Queen Latifah, Hilary Duff, and Sienna Miller.
The woman I admire the most though when it comes to dressing-up is my mother Flores Tilao. Her style is classic, conservative, lady-like. My mother, my fashion icon.

“I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”
― Coco Chanel -

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