Monday, February 18, 2013

Naya's Christening

Hello everyone! How's your weekend? Mine's pretty busy and I am going to share it to you guys. Sometimes, I think that I probably share too much personal information on my blog. Oh hell! Ü

So let me start with Naya Brielle Ybanez' christening held at San Roque Parish in Liloan Cebu City. Naya is my bestfriend Grasya's daughter. Now, I may not be good with kids but I take my resposibility as a godmother seriously. I am always here for you Naya! Welcome to the Christian world!

The Seminar.  No, I don't smoke.

At the church - with the other godmothers and godfathers who're my friends as well.

*with th cuddliest, Rich*  *I had Naya dance "Itik-itik*

Naya Brielle Ybanez
Have a great week ahead guys! xxx

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