Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Speak Or Not To Speak

My friend once jokingly told me to sometimes keep my opinions to myself because it would get me killed.We were actually just talking about a pair of shoes worn by someone at that time and in retrospect, it's funny but thinking about it now, she might be right.

 I am a very opinionated person and sometimes, people get hurt in the process. I don't do it to hurt others. I am just being honest. I am a believer of the "honesty is the best policy" mantra. I think that if everybody's only honest and not get offended by people who are honest, the world be a much better place to live.

My father was murdered and he's like me, or I'm like him. He has principles and always expresses his honest opinions. I guess that's why people love him. I guess that's why bad people hate him. Could his being like that be the reason for his murder? Only God knows but it'd be sad if it was.

So my question is, at which point should a person stop speaking her/his mind? Happy weekend guys! xxx

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