Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dumaguete Weekend

My love left for UAE last weekend. :( I went to Manila to be with him (we took pics but they're in his phone) for a few hours. His flight was at around 5 pm so from there, I went straight to my second favorite place in my country, Dumaguete City. I was sad and I missed him and I needed to be with a family and to be in a place close to home. Kab, who's with me in Cebu was busy with work so I went to my youngest brother, Mac - my almost twin.

There we ate, talked, drank, watched UFC 156, and walked around the city. I'm not sure I did the right thing to mend my misery though, because now I miss both my love and my brother! Tsk. Anyway, here are pics I took:

I arrived and immediately went to the famous Sans Rival Bistro. It's their 2nd and latest branch and it's just by the boulevard so the view's fantastic. I had 2 cakes and that 1-million calorie iced coffee frap.

My brother only had water! Ha-ha! He had coffee bitaw! He doesn't like sweets.

Here we were at Hayahay. It used to be our party place when I was in college (that's like 10 years ago!). The place's still hopping and I saw few familiar faces. Two bands played. The first one's very original. Their genre's reggae rock - the vocalist is so cool! The second band's grunge/rock/rapmetal. Only the last 3 songs were rockin' - not a fan. Apparently their last gig there.

Hayahay's everything-on-it pizza! It's my fave. Can you believe my brother and I ate all 12 inches of it? Their hot sauce is like no other.

Cold breezy aftie. Again at Sans Rival Bistro. I had my brother wore my sunnies.

And I wore his sunnies. I was waiting for my cakes.

This is our view. See? You can't blame me for not wanting to go back to Cebu.

The place is named after this cake, sans rival. It's their specialty obviously. It's superb! My brother actually thought that Sans Rival's the name of the owner! Silly him!

Balot, anyone? Manang, the vendor, took this pic. There were 2 of these, the other one's way worse! Ü

The famous Boulevard (of broken and drunken dreams!).

What we ate at the Kabayoan - utok sa baboy (pig brain - which is one of our favest), calderetang kanding, kawali, and sinugbang baboy

Last hurrah before going back to Cebu, again at Sans Rival. This time, we went to their original branch. I LOVE CAKES!

Again, my brother only had coffee.
'Til next time! xxx

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