Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (July 1 - July 7)

Hello guys! So, who I'm loving now is Tom Welling! I've just started watching Smallville. HE.IS.AMAZING! I wish superheroes are real. Or you know, just someone you know you can always count on no matter what. Probably that's what family's for. I miss mine.. Ü

I super duper regret missing UFC 162. I could've watched it with my younger brother live. I can't believe I didn't see Anderson Silve KO'd! Gosh! :(

Here are my outfits last week. The trending users in WIWT are here. My stats on the left side, so is my chictopia page. 'Til next time! xxx

top: Topshop, pants: Vesper, shoes: Syrup (People R People), bag: Prada
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73122/
inner top: Next, cape: Flea Market, leggings: F/X, bag: XOXO, shoes: Nine West, earrings: Aizylim
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73199/

dress: from Marie Grace Malanog, bag: Nine West, shoes: Nine West, earring: Avon
link: http://wiwt.com/outfits/73277/
4th of July - NO WORK!
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73355/

top: from Reina Mae Pestillos, shorts: Vesper, bag: SM Dept. Store, slippers: Havaianas
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73435/
tee: gift from my cousin, leggings: Topshop, flipflops: Havaianas, bag: SM Dept Store
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73515/

dress: Rummaged, shoes: Sole Desire (People R People), bag: Anne Klein
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73582/