Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday Funday

Crazy, unexpected, cool. I know it's not original (TLC album, remember?) but those are what I'd describe last night. The last time I drank alcohol was February and last night, the not-so-huge amount of it certainly took its toll on me. I wasn't actually really drunk but the hangover was like hell! Man.. What was suppose to be just a chillout night turned out to be one for the books! Gosh! Oh well, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.  
You can find almost all kinds of tea blends in here! The interior is super duper cute! It's in IT Park, Lahug Cebu City. One thing though, the chairs aren't comfy. I guess being cute comes with cons. Ü

I had spicy breaded chicken pops (which is so tender and flavorful) and Banana Cocoa Green Tea (which doesn't taste like banana at all!).

click for bigger view

my constant dates! HAHAHA

yes, we had time to make delivery! hahahaha

we also went window-shopping!

let the drinking session begin!

had company, Ryan (who's from my hometown, Aurora) and Francis. there's a drunk man who mistook me and Van as his companions and acted like he woke us up and for a minute, I was scared but we ended up just laughing it all off! It was crazy!

I went home aroud 6 am. Tsk.
I hope this happens again! Take care you guys! xxx

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