Monday, July 1, 2013

IT, Flame It, World War Z

Oh yeah, so basically the title says it all. After a very hectic week, it was chill-out time last Saturday. The plan was actually to just go home and sleep but of course we all know what happened. I was with my constant date lately, Vanessa Rhea. She took my outfit pic and she's good. She told me my blog deserves better pics! Haha! It's true though. Oh gosh if only I have time to take pics outside  my room.. If only I know how to pose and not look awkward in front of the cam.. But I guess that's what makes me unique.. Yeah, I keep telling myself that! Haha!
World War Z was a super thriller (Van and I didn't feel sleepy despite being wake for more than 24 hours) but I think Brad Pitt could've done better. I couldn't see fear in his eyes. I couldn't help but compare his acting to that of Will Smith's in I Am Legend. The latter's just beyond amazing. Maybe he could teach Brad a thing or two. Oh well.. Here are our pics:

it was cheat day! Ü

she's one of the most honest people i know!

who else?

and another of..

and my outfit.. Ü
Enjoy the rest of the week! xx

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