Thursday, July 25, 2013

Again With The Monkeys --- ♥♥♥

Ok. So it was raining like hell on Saturday night and I am deathly afraid of lightning and thunder so you can just imagine how ecstatic and relieved I was when I received a text message from my younger brother Kab that he and our youngest brother Mac2 were gonna fetch me! I swear I was just in the corner of my room lighting a candle! So out I went to be with 2 of the people I love the most and here are our pics (click for larger view) starting with..
Dinner at Casa Verde. I've eaten there a million times and their Brian's Baby Backrib is my absolute favorite! It's a must-try if you guys go here (in Cebu). My brothers on the other hand love steak so they had the Surf 'N Turf. The steak's flavorful and jiucy and the shrimp's not overcooked. Good food, great company, AND thunder-free - what more can I ask for?

We slept early that night ( I even missed Iron Chef US which is such a bummer because it was a special episode) and had an early breakfast at Pan De Manila, IT Park. We had old school Philippine breakfast, Pan De Sal with Hot Chocolate. It was a cold morning with a hot beverage - reminds me of home..

So let me show you guys how we do it in the Philippines:

Kab's apartment was a mess so we helped him tidy it up a bit. I volunteered to clean the toilet. I love cleaning toilets! It's a stress-reliever for me.


I love cooking for my family. Here are Garlic Shrimp and Hot Squid.

For dinner we went to Persian Palate. I've actually been there thrice before and I remember ordering their Curry. 

I have to publish this pic because Mac2 took it.

That time, my brothers and I felt a little adventurous and tried 3 native Persian dishes; Baba Ganoush, Samosas, and Beef Eskender Kebab. We also had Royal Paella. For drinks I had Ginger Tea, which is "Salabat", and my brothers had Lemongrass Tea which tasted like liquid lemongrass. If you've only seen my brothers' faces when they tasted their drinks - so funny! They ended up ordering soda.

The food was delish but everything's so flavorful that my taste buds were literally confused! I think we ordered the wrong food combination. We were full in no time. We had a lot of leftovers. I had the same feeling when I was at Maya, which is a Mexican restaurant.

Monday brunch. I woke up to cook for the monkeys - aren't I the best sister? Hahaha! Fried Beef Loaf, Fried (and crunchy) Dried Squid, and Spicy Sardines (Señorita).

Monday dinner. At Hukad, Cybergate. Kab's so into Candy Crush.

We had Kinilaw, Chorizo (which I was badly craving for), Tinolang Manok, and Pandan Chicken. Unlimited Rice - go figure! Hahaha!

If you guys notice, I was wearing the same dress for 3 days! In my bro's apartment I wore his clothes but when we go out, I wore the same dress! hahaha!
Remember the series "Brothers & Sisters"? It's one of my most favorite of all time. The patriarch, William Walker said, "Family is the only sure thing in life. Always was, always will be." I believe this too. My family's the best. I'm one lucky lady, I tell you.

'Til next time! xxx

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