Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

This is my family people!!! We celebrated Christmas in Cagayan De Oro City, at my eldest sister's place. We're not perfect but we're close to being one. The murder of our father last year (see article here) had been beyond words hard on us, especially on our mother but here we are, stronger than ever. We miss him so much.

Anyway, while I pride myself at always being true, you might find a little difference in me when I'm around them. I'm the baby, that's why. Ironically, my younger brothers baby me the most. Ü


These pics are from my phone. Click for larger view:

Mama and kuya. My mother doesn't like to be photographed. Both of them were at the balcony when I arrived and I tripped in front of them and they laughed like crazy! What a way to announce my arrival! Ha-ha!

Younger brother Kab, youngest brother Mac2, cousin Chem.

my baby brother mac2

eeeww! but he doesn't care and I love that about him..

that fat guy is my brother-in-law jong. he's my most favorite brother-in-law - go figure! Ha-ha! kidding aside, my ate's lucky to have him.

kab and I. my youngest brother took this pic. 

something's leaking apparently.

one of the pics taken by ate for WIWT.

when fats collide! hahaha

ate and kab. they were always talking about insurance stuff - BORING!

one of them meals. ate's help, Betchang (why didn't I take a photo of her?), is one of the best cooks in the world!

the movie was Total Recall and kuya slept.

and another one of the photos

ate took me shopping. in our family, she's known to be the worst gift giver but she's certainly changed this year! that's her in green.

I swear, they are the craziest people in the world!

kab preparing fish for the "kinilaw" - it's the boys' fave!

mac2 goes wherever the cam goes! here he is pretending to help!

kuya's grilling and macmac still pretending!

in our family, men spoil the women - they do the cooking and the other chores which is why we hardly see our mother cook which is why I had to take a pic of her holding the ladle - and she's not pretending! macmac was, again!

ate's humble christmas tree

while the men were busy at the kitchen, ate and i were - well, you know what we're doing.. i told you they spoil us! 

dinner - grilled wings by kuya looked like cancer! ha-ha!

ate, kuya, and I are chocolate people

ate and I, at the terrace, waiting for the fireworks - she's smelled my armpit!

and another shot

still waiting for the fireworks - jong's mattress is way too small for him!

mac2 and ate playing

this was so much fun - i lost most of the time

he will be married soon! while im super happy for him and for having isla, im also sad that he will soon have a family of his own.

im going to miss him so much when he leaves for the US

this was another meal


mac2 and his new phone which was our gift to him.

and kuya once again, sleeping while watching a movie! hahahha

preparing to leave

on the inside looking out! ha-ha!

will work for a new phone!

this pic was suppose to be only for my phone's contact picture  --  she's going to kill me when she finds out i published this here! hahahaha! TODAY'S HER BIRTHDAY, BTW.

and he will kill me too!

he doesn't care

kab driving around CDO

can someone let me borrow a comb?

ate and jong

I miss them soooo much. xxx

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