Saturday, December 22, 2012


Can you believe it? Coz I can't! Right now, right this very second, I AM THE NUMBER ONE  TRENDING USER IN WIWT!!! WOW! I don't know how my kudos points increased from 301k to 305k! Whatevs, I AM SUPER HAPPY!!! Thank you to the people who patiently took my pics - Mizpah, Kristel, Therese, Jennette, Samsun, Joyce, Ate Love, Ape, and the Jollibee guard!!! 

Oh! Oh! Oh! My blog, THIS BLOG now has 4,035 views! Thank you so much Project Pink people - especially to Jennette, Kristel, Ate Love, Jules, Florie, Douey, Ate Gemma, Ate Chiki, and Joyce! Maybe I'd just have 35 views without you guys! 

Seriously, THANK YOU!!!

This, from my humble self:

I just realize, if the world ended yesterday, I wouldn't have experienced this! OMG! I'll stop writing now and I'll go check the trending page again coz this might not happen again! Ha-ha! XXX!

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