Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shoping With Younger Bros

My younger brother Kab took me and our youngest brother Mac2 shopping yesterday! I was going to let him buy me a pair of shoes but the one I super like didn't have size 5 anymore. So you can just imagine my panicking self  - I didn't have plan B (note for next year)! So the whole time we were lounging around Ayala, I was out of my mind thinking of an alternative awesome gift. Baboy (my love) told me to have my brother buy me a crown - he said before that I'm a drama queen which I kind of agree. Whatevs! Ha-ha! Then, we passed by XOXO. And the rest is history.

Here are our pics (click for larger view):

Thanks Kabi - WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Our family takes food seriously.

They're watching Dota video. I was chatting with Bab. Thank God for Bab or else I'd be dead bored.

Long-haired guy carrying pink shopping bags.
And still watching Dota video..
This was lunch.

The face that launched a million red, fat ants! Taken by my youngest brother for his amusement! Whatevs!

Super Merry Christmas!

One of my most favorite brands. Their paper bag is super kikay. Now that's my favorite shade of Pink.

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!!! 

I hope you guys get what you wish for! xxx 


  1. hello sweety, i am in love with all you looks, i really would like make shopping with you, i need your opinion.... you are so lucky to be a girl, i am in love with girls fashion <3

    1. You are right,im lucky to be a girl!tell me if you're here in the philippines and we'll shop til we drop!! X