Thursday, January 10, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (Dec. 27 - Jan. 6)

I was gonna write about what happened last weekend when I went out with my friends (where we had too much to drink, some of us had amnesia! Ha-ha!) but I was too busy (or lazy?) to open my laptop. I downloaded pics from my phone, thus the size. I have to change its settings.

Anyway, my WIWT status right this second is:

  • 103
  • 47
  • 431K

  • The above status already includes 3 of my outfits this week. Right now, I am the # 2 trending user. I went from # 1 to # 2, and then # 7, then # 5, and then # 2. Another proof that life is a rollercoaster ride - a not so serious proof but still a proof nevertheless. You don't think I'm serious right? Ha-ha! Well, there's not much outfit change because I had vacay and I chose to just stay in most of the time. So in lieu of the outfits, I uploaded pics of my shoes instead. And guess what, 2 of them are Editor's Picks! Woot!

    So here they are:

    11th EDITOR'S PICK
    Sole Desire (Distributed by People R People
    top: July, shorts: M & Co., bag: XOXO, shoes: Janilyn, earrings: Avon
    Thanks Kristel del Rio for the photo!
    tee: Folded & Hung, skirt: Forever 21, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Guess, belt: Unknown
    Thanks Kristel del Rio for the photo!

    dress: XOXO, jacket: Flea Market, tights: Giordano, socks: Forever 21, shoes: Primadonna, bag: XOXO, neckpiece: Unknown

    Sole Desire (Distributed by People R People)

    dress: Flea Market, belt: Aldo, bag: XOXO, shoes: Janilyn, bracelet: Unknown
    Thanks April Galado for the photo!

    10th EDITOR'S PICK

    dress: from Maria Clet (aka Mommy Bebeth) - Forever 21, shoes: Sole Desire Distributed by People R People), bag: XOXO

    tank: Topshop, shorts: Vesper, flipflops: Havaianas, bag: Sundance
    'Til next week! xxx

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