Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 RECAP

describe 2012
it was a roller coaster ride! I had to deal with the pain of losing my father and I'm still dealing with it(see here, here, ), I lost a lot weight and regained all of it, I fell in love (and I still am) and learned "mature love" the hard way (see here, here), I found new real friends (jennette, kristil, ape, t love, therese, honeylyn, mizpah, t chiki), I MET HANSON, and my relationship with God and my faith's stronger.

happiest moment
to be honest, i haven't been really happy eversince my father was murdered. i mean, there are a lot of happy moments in my life the past year but they're all equally just in that certain level of happiness, nothing stood out. it's just not the same now that my father's gone..  :(

Having said all of that, the closest for me to being THAT happy was when I saw and met HANSON. I love them and their music and my fear is that they will not be as great and as nice as I perceived them to be, but I was right! THEY WERE GREAT! I prayed for that day to come and for me to still be alive when it happens since I was merely just a teener, and it happened.. thanks to my brothers kab and mac2 - especially mac2 who patiently took pics for me. It was so surreal that while everybody else was screaming their hearts out, I was just there silent and in awe. I met Taylor too - I touched him! It was the closest to marrying him, which used to be my dream! HA-HA! Here's a collage of that great moment (click pic for larger view):


saddest moment:
When my niece Isla Isabelle Ensomo Tilao left for the US. I cried and my brother (her father) had fever. We miss her so much.

most memorable people:
Isla Isabelle Ensomo Tilao and Bab

still believe that:
with God, nothing is impossible

travelling, which is so sad.. I swear I will travel more this year!

fave place to chill:
my room, my brother's apartment, starbucks (with my brothers), Cebu Sports Complex (abellana), IT Park

frequent companion:
my brothers, bab, my team at work

best Month:
October - I was with my super awesome niece, Isla Isabelle Ensomo Tilao - she's one of the craziest human being I know - and at that time, she's just 11 months!  I mean, look at her:

Best Movie:
This Means War - it's funny, and the guys are hot! haha!

Worst Movie:
Looper - because I didn't understand it. Ha-ha! 

Best TV program:

Worst TV program:

best book:
Rosie Dunne by Cecelia Ahern - I re-read it this year and it still makes me feel "in love", just like the way it made me feel the first time I read it.

Newest Idol/s:

Best Purchase:
it would have to be a tie between my TV and my phone

Worst Purchase:
one of my Boardwalk sandals - worn it once and it's damaged.

Best Place you have been:
my ate's house in Cagayan. they just transferred to a bigger house! though it's not as big as our house in the province (my bros still have to sleep on the couch) but it's pretty, very cozy, and it has rooftop!

Worst Place:
right now, it's our house in the province because it makes me remember my father and it depresses me. again, life's never the same after he's murdered.

Best Decision you Made:
in 2009, i wrote that my best decision was staying single. this year, my best decision was taking a risk and falling in love! aside from being happy, i also learned a lot from my relationship. for the lessons alone, it's worth the risk and the time.. :)

greatest frustration:
Sumilon - I expected a lot but the resort wasn't all that great. the food was worst. the beach was nice though.

Worst Decision:
breaking with Bab on July 31, 2012. It nearly destroyed us.

greatest gift:
FAMILY and Bab - because I learned a lot from him

hardest decision:
to stay with Bab after what he told me on June 20. 

song of the year:
Call Me Maybe -  by Carla Rae Jepsen -- it's the reason why I gave my phone number to Bab when we first chatted online.. ♫♪ and here's my number, so call me maybe..♪♫

best 5 pesos:
15-minute access online for Globe

best 3 hours:
at my ate's rooftop, on christmas eve, waiting for fireworks, with my siblings.

bands I saw for the first time:

best day in make up:
Bollywood Party - because my colleagues told me i was pretty that night, though I didn't really think so to be honest.

what I learn:
I discovered that I am willing to sacrifice for the people I love. I learn that the true meaning of love is sacrifice and being selfless.

HURRAY FOR 2013! xxx

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