Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sinulog 2013

The past weekend's one of the most unforgettable for me not only because I got a tattoo but most of all, because my Kuya (elder brother) was here, which doesn't always happen. He doesn't travel or, well, he couldn't travel a lot because he's left with our mother in the province. He just broke up with his girlfriend so we joked that he came here to heal his broken heart. Ha-ha!

So I was with my 3 brothers and it honestly felt like I have fence around me - in a good way. I was overwhelmed with so much protection. I love feeling this way and even if my brothers aren't perfect in more ways than one, they are perfect for/to me. I love these men so much.

We ate, partied nonstop, ate, partied nonstop, ate... you know the drill.. Oh, there was beer shower so we're all wet, sticky, and stinky! Yikes! Ü

Here are pics I took that weekend:

younger bro Kab, moi, Kuya
"lugar lang nong" - our driver (because it's his car)
It was Kab who insisted we had photo op with superb film director Joey Reyes. He partied with the crowd - he's so cool!
youngest brother mac2, moi, kuya
kab, mac2, our cousin titi, kuya - breakfast was my treat! They're super big-eaters so thank goodness it's just at a cheap eatery!

sometimes i wonder what people (who don't know they're my brothers) think when i'm always the only girl with them - not that people would notice but yeah.. you know what i mean..kebs!

drunk, stinky, inked, and loved - I had the best time of my life!
the people, young and old - who paid for the beer-shower?
my dear kuya - our protector and forever the got-to guy because he knows a lot of things. He's one of the brainest people I know.
lunch at STK
what could be more perfect than beer + pizza + family + party?
mac2 waiting for breakfast - food delivery anyone?
looking at it now.. kind of yucky, don't you think?
testosterone overload
because I seldom see them around - photo op with the SWAT men! Hello sirs!
happy that he's not the driver!
'Til next year! xxx

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