Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Date

Location: Mesa Filipino Moderne
Ayala, Cebu City

Hello guys! I just came from Sunday family dinner with my younger bro Kab. Yes, you guessed it right, I AM SO FULL! It's our first time in that resto. Food's great and the service isn't bad either. What I love the most though is the interior, although I wasn't really able to take lots of pics because I was hungry. I mean, between food and the view, I guess the choice is a no-brainer. I AM HAPPY. Moments like these with family make life worthwhile. 

Here are our pics:

the menu

nice little effort with how they put together the utensils..

view from our seat..

my date! hehe

view from our seat

made of native material, isn't this awesome?

this is a HUGE platter! obviously we didn't finish it.. take-out's in my fridge! 

this is ostrich in some liquor - i forgot the name!

baby squid in olive oil and garlic - this is sooo YUM!

LAING RICE - taste is superb but it's a little greasy..

OH MY! this is the best leche flan i've ever tasted, I swear! it's soooo creamy and sweet!

and of course, the outfit post! hahaha!

Spend the last night of the weekend wisely, be with family! Take care you guys! xxx

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