Monday, August 19, 2013

Surfin' Ribs

Location: Surfin' Ribs
G & A Arcade N. Escario St. corner Tojong St.  Cebu City 6000
It was such an unplanned dinner. My friend Zilfa Javier and I went to this uber cool resto near Ayala Mall. There's been a lot of hype about it and I just simply HAVE to visit. And it lives up to its hype - and maybe a little bit more. The food's delish, service is great (the crew's super friendly), and it's CHEAP.
Their specialty, the ribs, is ok. The sauce is a little too strong for my taste. It's not that tender also. Still, my most fave ribs in the world is at Casa Verde.
The Cheesy Penne appetizer is really cheesy. It's so heavy we didn't finish it. I do'n't really like pasta, but this is one of the best I've tasted.
The Prawns in butter and garlic is the yummiest! It's not overcooked and the sauce is just impeccably seasoned. You guys have to try it!
For dessert we had Leche Flan. It's the second most delicious I've tasted. The first is at Mesa. It's just Php 45!
Check our pics:

i'll be back to try their crab claws, pata, and chili wings!

the unfinished bricks adds a lot of character to the place

zee's rack's bigger than mine! it's unfair! hahahaha

i had the spicy ribs. not really a "man vs food" moment.. I mean, i can easily take this without a sweat! .

one word: SUPERB!

this literally melts in your mouth..

mmmmm... cheese..

both are super creamy and heavy, we didn't finish them. But they're delish!

Washing hands isn't gonna be a chore! haha!

the resto has these funny posters on their walls.

'Til my next eating adventure! xxx