Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (July 29 - August 4)

Greetings from my cube at work! You guys have no idea how much I ate last weekend. OMG, the rice! I've never told you this but I actually haven't been eating rice. Well maybe once a week and I can't even believe it. I was such a rice eater and I'm just not craving for it anymore. LIFE.IS.GOOD! Ha-ha!

All pics are still taken by my friend Matty. He's free and available so there.. Ü.. And it doesn't hurt that I am having so much fun the whole time!

Anyway, here are my outfits last week posted in WIWT.. The trending users are here where I'm currently # 3!!! I personally think that my pictures are better and I don't even want to take credit for that. It's because I have just bought a new camera, and well, probably my friends are good photographers! Oh, and I am still on Chictopia. Links on all my site/s are on the side so go follow me! Enjoy!

dress: from Vanessa Rhea Labesig, shoes: People R People, bag: Parisian, earrings: Aizylim, gold chain: Ferragamo

dress: Forever 21, shoes: People R People, bag: Parisian

top: AW Fasshion, shorts: M & Co., shoes: Shoebox, bag: Sophie Martin, earrings and bracelets: Aizylim

top: Flea Market, jeans: M & Co., shoes: Nine West, bag: Sylvia Santos, watch and earrings: Avon, bracelets: Aizylim

top: Flea Market, wide-legged jeans: Forever 21, shoes: People R People, bag: Jessica Simpson, earrings and bracelets: Aizylim

top: Thirft Store, shorts: Guess, boots: Boardwalk, hat: Thrift Store

dress: What A Girl Wants , inner top: XOXO, shoes: People R People, ring: Aizylim

Behind-the-scenes (click for really large view):

'Til next week! xxx


  1. Lovely!! I'm digging the shirt dress!! xx

    1. thanks Quirky Engineer! hey I saw you on Chictopia and i already followed you! x