Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I would like to tell the world (again) that I have the greatest father and we have the best relationship. And even if he's gone, his memory lives. Happy Father's Day Papa.. I miss you so much..

 Happy Father's Day also to my younger brother Kab. I'm sure he misses his daughter a lot:
So here's what's left of my Father's Day weekend with my younger bros. I took a lot of pics but I "accidentally" formatted my cam. I know.. Oh well..
That day we went to have late lunch at Tempura, SM City Cebu. It was Kab's treat. I love Japanese food and I'd say, theirs isn't bad at all! I love everything we ordered and I can't remember them all. My brother must've spent a lot! Ha-ha! Then we watched "Man Of Steel" and I gotta say, Henry Cavill is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Whew! I can go on forever just staring at him.. *sighs*.. The movie's great - watch it on IMAX or 3D at least to see its full effects.
We went to hang-out with Kab's colleagues after dinner. It was laughtrip at its highest level! We were laughing all the time, my jaw and my stomach hurt! I couldn't even remember what we're laughing about! Ha-ha! We went home at around 5am.
So here are the pics. Enjoy you guys! Happy Father's day to all your fathers! xxx

The game's called Battleship. Macmac's losing streak's not yet over! hahahaha

The lord of Battleship!

still Battleship-ing!

Heath Ledger at his finest. I still can't believe he's gone..

After meal, smoke break.. we had to go outside..

Samurai Crepe - this is a super heavy dessert and it's delish!

My side of the table..

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