Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Location: Cagayan de Oro River, Philippines

So, part of my 3-Day vacation (5 days in total including weekend) was this - White-Water Rafting adventure with my siblings (and cousin and future sister-in-law Cheche)! Well, my youngest brother wasn't able to join us because he had to be with our Mother who was sick at that time. Poor him. I actually felt bad because I know how much he loves adventures like these. I felt bad for mother too, it was her birthday and she was sick. We miss our father. I'm sure if he's alive, he'd join us. He's cool that way.  :(

IT.WAS.AWESOME! You guys have to try it! We did the "advanced" course so the rapids were big. We fell off of the boat (is it called boat? Ü) once but it was intentionally done because we wouldn't. Science would probably explain it but I'd like to think we were THAT good! Ha-ha!

Here are some pics:

Cheche, younger brother Kab, moi, cousin Titi, Kuya, Ate

Look at me seriously listening to the instructor! Ha-ha!

Enjoy your day! xxx

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