Monday, April 15, 2013

A Question

What am I doing? Seriously, WHAT AM I DOING?

You guys have no idea how confuse I am right now, I haven't even slept! I have been losing sleep. Did I make the biggest mistake of my life years ago? Or is this just some kind of a post break-up shit? Whatever the answer is, I sure am not getting it now. Oh God..

Saturday night, my bestfriend from college, Karryl, and I drove to Naga, which is like 30 mins from the city - in a motorcycle! It was so cool! We talked until around 4 am and drove our way back. Food, of course is from 7/11!

For the first time, I actually cried while telling my break-up story. I guess it has something to do with the ambiance - we were at the park, by the sea. Or maybe it's because I know Karryl will not judge me no matter what. It was very nice.

One of the best things that came out of that break-up is I get rekindle friendships. I almost forgot how close we were! Karryl reminded me of who I was. I realize I actually miss the crazy, childish me! The side of me I've been trying to change for the man I loved because he didn't appreciate it and he couldn't understand. You just can't imagine how hard it was to keep up! Yeah, I guess there'd be someone out there who can appreciate me for being me. Someone who wouldn't pre-judge me. Someone who would understand. But not now, I am not ready yet. Maybe not in a while.. :)

Anyway, here are pics from last weekend:
1. My future might be in this place.
2. Saturday's lunch by Brown Cup.
3. Coffee take-out from 7/11. To Naga!
4. Cakes & tea - perfection! At The Pantry. Last night.
5. Because there's a lot of FB updates! Haha
6. Karaoke time. I love the flavored beer! A bottle is enough though. Not so into drinking lately.

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