Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Post Break-Up - Day 2

I went home from work at around the same time - 4:30 am. I slept. I woke up with thoughts of him. My heart beat so fast it almost felt like the blood's coming out. I cried.

From around 9 am, when I woke up, until around 3pm, that's been my day's cycle, I cried, and I cried, and I cried. I didn't get out of bed. I didn't turn the lights on. I didn't eat. I didn't watch TV. The plan was to start cleaning my room, do some laundry, plan outfits. But no, it didn't happen. I was wallowing still. I was in pain. Maybe tomorrow.

I chatted with Karryl on FB. She's one of my closest friends on earth and her relationship also just ended. We have the same reason. We planned our weekend getaway. We're going to do more wallowing somewhere silent, cool, and with water. We decided we'll go to Olango Island. I got excited and forgot about my broken heart for a little while.

I also chatted with my good friend Era on FB. Her family's one of the best I know. I miss her.
My bud from College, Rito Enopia, died. I was sad. He's a great guy - one of them few. I swear I can still hear his voice! Again, learning that life is really so short, I decided to email Baboy. I mean, I know that we're broken up and all and that it's really over but I just want to tell him everything that I feel. The email's like the last of the last goodbye. I told him not to reply anymore because I couldn't get over him if he will. Just like love, hope is pain.

At around 3 pm my landlady called me. I went to her house and we talked. I told her I was in pain. I asked her, will I ever get over this? She said she's sure I will. She also separated ways with her husband of 20+ years. She told me if she can do it, I can too. She advised me to go out often. She let me use her phone to call any of my friends. I called Therese.

Therese and I talked, mostly about her life. It was refreshing, hearing other people's sad story. Lately I've been used to telling mine. Of course, she gave me her POV about my recent break-up. She said that it was the best for both of us - We need time apart. I agree.

I went home at around 7 pm. I had dinner. I went to the office. Here's my outfit.

Baboy wasn't online.

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