Sunday, April 7, 2013

So, Saturday!

"A woman can't have too many shoes, clothes, and most importantly, girlfriends."

It's true.

It's about 7:30 am and I just got home. Like, literally. I just shoved my havies somewhere and laid in bed. Wow! What a night. I was with my girlfriends Reina and Ate Dee (who'll just be in the country for 2 weeks). We just laughed the whole night. There's no booze, no ex-boyfriend bashing (not that it's needed), no negative thoughts whatsoever. It was just pure, not-so innocent (if you know what I mean.. Ha-ha!), estrogen-overload laughtrip! Three establishments closed out on us, until we settled at 7/11, which is open
24 hours.

Here are pics from that crazy night!

First stop: Starbucks. That other lady in the pic is Ate Deedee and Reina's friend from Singapore. I forgot her name.. Sorry!

Second Stop: Dolce. It's a tea/cakes/pastry shop located at Lahug, Cebu. This is a table inside but later, we settled outside where there's an overlooking view of the city. It was breathtaking. The couches were super comfy, it's like we're in our own living room.

At IRIE, IT Park Cabu. Customer service is superb! CR lighting is awesome!

I swear this is the best Nachos I've ever tasted. It's coz of the jalapeños. It's just Php250 and it's HUGE!

Thank you guys for reading my "Post Break-up" blog drama! My readership reached a significant number because of those entries. Now you know how drama I can get, which is kinda embarrassing! Ha-ha! But that would be the last of it. There's no looking back. I am moving on. :)

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