Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Have You

So I was reminded that I actually used to write poems. I haven't since this poem below. The poet in me has gone awry. And I wasn't even great! Ha-ha!
Written: September 21, 2007 - 12:02 pm

My heater's now working, my closet door's closed
The ceiling dust's gone and you fixed my windows
I look at the floor, it is shiny
I see beautiful things, now that you're here with me

Those "hi's and hellos" I used to ignore
I smile at them  since you walked to my door
And that rug that's hanging on my terrace
It has a little red flower embroidery, I just notice

My jeans are there, neatly pressed
That shoes i just bought, matches my dress
I turn around I see my colorful belts
Then I look at the mirror, I see my beautiful self

And in my messy bed, there you lie in silence
With my colorful pillows and blanket
All things are bright and beautiful, you see
 But you're the most beautiful for me.. 


  1. Are you married?

  2. wow! im almost speechless with your question.. are you kidding me? haha! i'm not and i won't be, at least for a little while because I just broke up with my bf almost a month ago.. God bless!

  3. oh, not that I was getting married when I was still in a relationship.. Ü