Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Post Break-up Day 1

I went home from the office at around 4:30 AM. I told my officemates about the break-up. And it all made sense while I was telling them. It's true I was tired. It's true that I can't live one more day of all our relationship crap. It's true that no matter what I did yesterday (reminisce all our good times and more) nothing could ever stop me from "suggesting" the break-up. Everything's just not worthy anymore.

Today is another story. I miss him. I miss messaging him. I miss telling him stories abotu my day. At one point I grabbed my phone and attempted to message him on Viber but I chickened out. He needs time alone. He said he needs to find himself.

There's no going back, we're really broken up. But I was happy when I saw that he hasn't deleted our pics in his FB account. I hope that when he finds himself, he will find me.

I was bored. There's weird silence. My heart was beating fast. I talked to my landlady and to her househelp. It's true, misery loves company.

I am miserable.
But I can't cry.
I know it's the best for us.

I went to light some candles at Carmelites church.
I cried in the jeepney.
I love him.

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