Saturday, November 17, 2012

Being a Shoe Whore (Tips and Stuff)

*This was first published on Monday, July 2, 2012 at 12:23pm in my Facebook blog*

So, ok, I LOVE SHOES, well footwear in general actually! Not to brag, (this might be the first time I reveal this), I have 131 (that time I wrote this) pairs already! I know most of you guys probably only have a quarter of what I have but to be honest I thought I had more. For years, I have refused to count how many pairs I have in fear of feeling guilty. I mean, you know, WE ARE A POOR COUNTRY. And then there’s Zimbabwe, Africa, Somalia, etc. Who can blame me? But in that fateful day of March this year, where I had an extra Php1500 in my wallet, I decided to count all of them, to help me decide if I was going to buy this pair:

It’s black, it’s shiny, it’s wedge-type. IT IS SO NOW! So after that I-realize-I-don’t-have-that-many-shoes moment, I rode a jeepney to SM. And voila, I am now a proud owner!

When I plan to buy shoes (which is every payday! Ü), I consider the following:

As a proud dwarf (hi bbgurl, t dee,  florie, andi, fino,cher,fino!), my legs are just an inch long. So I stay away from those rounded toe ones (except when the heel-height is above 4”). I’d choose something that would elongate my legs, like the pointed and open-toed ones. I seldom buy the strappy ones because it’d take me time to wear them. What with all the knotting, and tying, and fastening. But you want to know a secret? The strappy ones are actually the most comfortable! Why? Those “hasol” straps provide support. Unlike the Pumps, which don’t have support whatsoever but which I super adore.
Here are some of my peep-toed and strappy pairs:

Most people, especially the normal ones, would go for comfort first, and then style. I’m not a normal person obviously. Well, there should be a balance, you know. Like if there’s a really pretty pair, and it’s a little uncomfortable, I’d buy it. Hmmm... Now that I’m actually writing it, it doesn’t seem balanced.  Yeah, whatevs, I call it “balance”. Anyway, after a whole day’s work in that little uncomfortable footwear, there’s always a spa open for a foot massage, right?

Just like clothes, it’s important for me to actually be able to fit the shoes before buying it. That’s why I seldom catalogue-shop, but still I do and I don’t get lucky sometimes. I’ve given quite a number of pairs because of that. At least I make some people happy.

Now, there are 2 specific types of shoes that need to have specific fit:
*High-Heeled Pumps – a size or half-a-size smaller.
*Running Shoes – a size of half-a-size bigger, depending on your socks preference.

For me, Black is the way to go, especially those which are on trend. I’m not crazy over trends but whenever I buy a pair, it’d have to be black. It makes a trendy shoe look classic so I don’t only have to wear them when they’re “uso”. This, actually, is how my shoe collection grows. Because if I find something really pretty in black, I’ll look for another color and buy it as well! Ha-ha!

On the other hand, for classic Pumps, I like to be adventurous and go for colors. .  It adds oomph to a classic pair. One of my most prized pumps is this really fierce “native Mat” pair from Prince Warehouse (that pair with the arrow below). I bought it for only Php179!

colorful classic pumps

trendy blacks
Haaayyy.. I wish I have all the money in the world so that I can buy all the shoes I want. You know, if that’ll happen, I’ll probably build a mansion just for them! Ha-ha! Hmmm... But it will never happen. Coz I wouldn’t be able to save enough for even a hut – I would spend my extra dough to buy more and more shoes! ‘Till next time! xxx


  1. Wow shen kadaghan.. Akoa gpang hatag nako.but maybe i'll start keeping it..inspired ko da. Mag start naq ug serious collection kay I always end up gving away what I start collecting.hahaha. -nelle-

  2. start collecting na! life is short ellenjoy! hahaha