Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lame Bitch

Can I be a totally lame bitch today and complain about the silliest and shallowest things? The killer insecurity seldom attacks me, like once or twice a year, and today's one of those days. So here it goes:

I don't like my hair. My natural hair's wavy. I wish it would've been stick-straight or really curly. I hate that I have to spend a lot to have it straightened. My colleague Mirasol has really nice hair and I wish mine's like hers.

I hate that my nails are weak. I'm dying to have French Manicure but I can't because I can't grow my nails.

I want to have a hairless body but I love my thick eyebrows.

I wish I have bigger feet. I'm size 4-5. I wish I'm size 6. Then I could have more shoes!

If only I could stop my appetite..

I wish I have an innocent face. Although I don't find myself ugly, but my face is funny. Especially when I laugh! Ha-ha!

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO POSE. It would've been very useful for my WIWT pics  if I do. I mean, look at my pics! It's either that I don't smile at all or I just make funny faces. Or worst, this:
I know.. These are nothing compared to those who still don't have food for their next meal but still.. oh well.. xxx


  1. Wew relate much again.. I overcome that wish-my-hair-is straight or curly not a half straight ,half curly thing. Hehe..
    I wish I am lean,..oh much insecurities to count.

    But sometimes its what people envy from us ,. . So maybe lets just pretend we have nothing to be insecure of. Hahaha.

    Keep posting more!!! Keep it up!!! -Nelle-

  2. it's sometimes good to know that a pretty lady like you still has insecurities

  3. OH thank you for commenting! it really means a lot, especially that they're both positive comments! Ha-ha!

    @nelle: gitinood jud nimo na mo-comment ka! salamat!

    @anonymous: do you just base the "you're pretty" comment on my pics? if you are then you must be lying! Ha-ha! I think that no matter how pretty a person is, there's always something more she wishes she has..that's a sad truth about life - we are always not contented with what we have! x