Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Suede Shoes

Ahhh.. My blue suede shoes..I fell in love the first time I saw it 15 days ago but because of its heel height (it's 6.5 inches - my friend Therese CaƱete said it's a threat to my life!), I decided not to buy it. But I've been constantly thinking about it since then - I NEED IT IN MY LIFE! So, you what happens next and now im a proud owner of this pretty, pretty pair! ohhh.. I'm in love.. I'm happy.. I'm going crazy! Ha-ha!

from Sole Desire USA (distributed by People R People) - Php 1,499 - It's very affordable!

See? I love it so much that I wear it even while lying on my bed, watching tv, in my PJs! Which brings me to a thought - God must've had a great laugh last night while watching me! What a shame! Ha-ha!

I LOVE MY SHOES! I'm thinking of buying it in cream and green. Hhmmm.. What do you think? xxx

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