Friday, November 16, 2012

Hatred Is What I Hate

Obviously I'm not referring to the i-hate-my-nailbeds hate. Ü

Someone told me that she sometimes spends her time plotting revenge on people who hurt her and it would make her feel good afterwards even if she wouldn't do it. Another person told me that just by hearing the person she hates make her feel bad, and making the rest of her day bad.

Isn't it such a waste of time and everything? Especially if the person you're hating doesn't hate you back? Unrequited hate familiar?

I have a theory that hatred is the result of not being able to express pain. Like when someone hurts you and you're not able to tell that person, and that person keeps on doing it, so in the process you keep on hurting too, and then you begin to hate. Am I right?

Hatred is heavy and my heart can't handle it. It's like it (my heart) has a mind of its own and it just ignores it, like it's in its auto-delete list. I get mad and hurt almost easily though and whenever that happens, I tell that person right away, if it's worth it. If it's not, I just go eat a cake (or two). Or I write about it.

We can't turn back time - let's not spend it hating. Unless you guys want to be wrinkly and old.. Ü

Do you guys hate? Go tell, go comment!


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