Friday, November 30, 2012

Sale! Sale!

So guys, or girls, especially those who're size 7-9, Linea Italia SM Cebu Branch (where items are a little pricey and the salesladies are like models!) is having a sale right now! Two days ago, my friend Therese and I were actually suppose to buy phones only (I sooooo love mine, btw) but on our way to the taxi waiting stand, we passed by their boutique and Therese remembered they're having a sale and the rest is history. Ha-ha! And I was very lucky to have found these amazing pairs in my size:

These boots are really made for walking! I swear! I heard from Therese that the original price is Php 3000!!! And I got for only.. see below for a surprise..

These babies are Php 500 each! Yup, believe it! And they're both made in Italy so they're suppose to be of great quality. I am just super duper happy!

Anyway, here we are shopping:

Therese fitting hers

And while she's still choosing, I already paid mine..Ha-ha!

On the other hand, these are made for shopping! I wore these the whole day! I've had these for a year now and I just discovered how comfy they are!

I will soon check their Ayala Cebu Branch if they have pairs in my size and I will update you soon. In the meantime, go to the nearest ATM and start shopping!!! xxx

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