Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Dates From Hell

I've been watching The Hills (remember the MTV drama?) and on Season 3, Lauren dated a guy who blabbed about out-of-this-world-crazy-but-harmless things during their first date because he's so into her. Lauren was so grossed out, she didn't go on to see him for a second date.

Bad move, I say.

*I just googled this photo*
I mean, if a guy talks a lot about his ex-girlfriend or about murder then it's ok to walk away but if he just talks about buying his shirt from a bargain store and not being able to forget you after your date in a non-freaky way then I say, give the guy a chance. Not that I'm settling for something less or that I want you to, but isn't it normal to not act normal when we're around someone we really like? Like all the bad-vibe gods are conniving to make us deaf, dumb, and in my case, clumsier? You know what I mean?

Before I found love (hi Bab!), I used to date a lot. I mean, my friends loooove to set me up with their friends or their boyfriend's friends and most of the time I just went along coz it's fun but believe me, I've had first dates from hell. One of them's with one of my exbfs - man, it was one of the worst! He was sweating all over, he was fidgeting, and was talking about how they disect animals (he's a med student) while we're having dinner and it was so gross, I didn't finish my food. That night, he texted and literally begged me to give him another chance. So I did, but I told me to not talk about eeewy stuff while we're eating. The second date was beyond great and I got to know him better and he turned out to be one of the nicest people on earth. Well, we eventually broke up but still, I wouldn't have known how great he is if I didn't give him a second chance..

So, say yes to second dates! Give chance! Some relationships from heaven actually come from first dates from hell. xxx

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